Dance Physiotherapy

Marelle was actively involved in many forms of dance while growing up and so has a practical knowledge of the demands and technical aspects of dance.

She has lectured to tertiary dance students on biomechanics and injury prevention, and has been involved in screening dancers at entry to tertiary dance for many years. She has modified this screening process to also include younger dancers, for injury prevention, technique improvement and to assess individual suitability for the demands of dance.

Her other area of interest is in pre-pointe evaluations and she has developed a thorough assessment protocol to determine the safety, individual readiness and suitability for beginning pointe work. After the assessment, recommendations will be made for either:

  • Beginning straight away with no restrictions
  • Beginning in a limited capacity with some supporting exercises
  • Delaying starting, with supporting exercises until safe to commence
  • Not doing pointe work at all for anatomical restrictions and safety concerns

All young dancers are eager to progress to pointe shoes, but individual anatomical differences and the vulnerability of growing bones can result in long lasting injuries if not carefully managed.

Marelle is also able to offer treatment and advice for a wide range of dance related injuries.